Do you want your table to be full of color? The amazing dishes you cook will look much better on tropical prints plates! Suitable as a gift for a friend or for yourself, the tropical prints plates are ideal for a great lunch or dinner alongside your loved ones in the warm season. Here are a few plates we recommend:

1. Tropical print square plate – – 29 lei

Farfurie patrata

2. Tropical print plate – – 49.90 lei

Farfurii tropicale

3. 18-piece set of tropical prints plates – – 223 lei

Set farfurii


4. 18-piece set of porcelain tropical print plates – – 309 lei



5. Tropical print plate – – 17 lei



6. Tropical print plate – – 81 lei



7. Tropical print plate – – 70 lei


Have a colorful lunch or an exotic dinner with the right tableware! Choose some plates with your favorite tropical prints and add extra joy to your kitchen!

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