The Pantone Institute declared that the official color of 2020 is classic blue, inspired by the colors of the ocean. The fluidity and complexity of the shades of blue and green should be included in the accessories and pieces of furniture in your home to induce a state of calm and tranquility.

Whether we are talking about accessorizing a room or changing certain pieces of furniture, the room you want to redecorate should not contain much blue, but only a few blue elements. Here are some examples of pieces of furniture and accessories that you can buy in 2020 to be on trend:

1. Relax Blue two-seat sofa – – 2399 lei

Canapea Vivre

2. Rezzo Navy Blue upholstered armchair – – 1103 lei

Fotoliu tapitat Rezzo Navy Blue

3. VidaXl coffee table made of teak wood and resin – – 439 lei

Masuta de cafea VidaXl

4. Dior blue chair – – 437 lei

Scaun albastru Dior

5. Aquarelle Wall wallpaper – – 67.56 lei/m2

Tapet Aquarelle

6. Avon Woodman blue bookcase – – 2650 lei

Biblioteca Avon

7. Ledled blue chandelier – – 149.95 lei

Lustra albastra Ledled

8. Shaggy Enzo blue carpet – – 335 lei

Covor albastru

9. Resitex decorative pillow – – 49.72 lei

Perna decorativa

10. Victor blue vase – – 59.99 lei

Vaza albastra Victor

11. Canvas peacock – – 99 lei

Tablou canvas

We are hoping that classic blue is one of your favorite colors when it comes to home decorating. A refresh of your favorite room is ideal for a new start of the year!

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