During this time, many of us work from home, because we are responsible and put our health and our loved ones' first. In these conditions, we must make sure that the environment in which we work is a good one to stimulate our creativity, imagination and productivity. If we have an office at work, we should have one at home, right? Or, at least, to improvise one and organize it as beautifully and efficiently as possible!

In the lines below we have collected some objects that will help you to create an ideal workspace, which will help you to work with love and abundance.

1. A planner or a notebook to help you organize your tasks

Planner www.emag.ro – 39 lei


Notebookwww.breslo.ro – 37 lei


2. A writing tool to write down your most important ideas

Ballpoint pen www.bb-shop.ro – 76 lei


Fountain pen www.clb.ro – 99 lei


3. A green plant for a plus of oxygen and nature

Bonsai www.florariatrias.ro – 59 lei


Ficus Benjamina Anastasiawww.bakker.ro – 109.90 lei


4. Mouse pad to work efficiently, without "technical" interruptions

Mouse pad www.cel.ro – 27 lei

mouse pad

Mouse padaltex.ro – 7.99 lei

mouse pad

5. A mug for your flavored coffee that gives you the energy you need

Coffee mug coolori.ro – 34.90 lei

cana cafea

Coffee mug carturesti.ro – 39 lei

cana cafea

6. A photo frame with a message or in which to put the picture of your loved ones

Photo frame with messagejysk.ro – 8.50 lei

rama foto

Coloured photo frame www.vivre.ro – 45 lei

rama foto

Organize your home office by adding the items mentioned above, so that you enjoy working from home, even if there are many things around you that might distract you. How did you set up your office during this period?

Featured image source: www.countryliving.com
Listing image source: www.pardeehomes.com
Article images sources: the websites where the mentioned products are available