Do you want to clean your house to start the year properly, but you do not want to use the usual cleaning products? They contain lots of additives and chemicals that attack the skin, causing countless allergies and having negative effects on the body, both for adults and babies.

To avoid these problems, we recommend you to choose eco-friendly cleaning products. There is no difference between Eco, Bio or organic products, the term being used differently depending on the area and country.

So, here are some options to replace the classic cleaning products:

1. Organic People organic solution for glass and mirrors – – 20.5 lei

Solutie eco pentru geamuri si oglinzi Organic People

2. Biopuro organic detergent for white and colored laundry (1 L) – – 25 lei

Detergent ecologic pentru rufe albe si colorate Biopuro

3. Ecozone ecological carpet shampoo (1 L) – – 44 lei

Sampon eologic pentru covoare Ecozone

4. Ecodoo ecological dishwashing liquid (500 ml) – – 16.5 lei

Detergent ecologic pentru vase Ecodoo

5. Attitude all purpose ecological solution for any surface (800 ml) – – 39 lei

Solutie ecologica universala pentru suprafete Attitude

6. BioPuro ecological floor cleaner (1 L) – – 17.86 lei

Detergent ecologic pentru pardoseli Biopuro

7. Sonett ecological detergent (anti-limescale) (1 L) – – 22.70 lei

Detergent anticalcar ecologic Sonett

8. Planet Pure organic fabric conditioner (1 L) – – 37.13 lei

Balsam ecologic de rufe Planet Pure

9. Eco Clean ecological toilet cleaner (750 ml) – – 17 lei

Detergent ecologic pentru dezinfectat toaleta Eco Clean

10. Ecozone ecological shower cleaner (500 ml) – – 33 lei

Solutie ecologica pentru curatarea dusului Ecozone

11. Ekos ecological solution for cleaning and sanitizing the fridge (750 ml) – – 27.36 lei

Solutie ecologica pentru frigider Ekos

12. Sodasan ecological surface disinfectant (500 ml) – – 51 lei

Dezibfectant ecologic pentru suprafete Sodasan

We know that you want to use efficient products when it comes to cleaning your house, but you will be surprised to find out that organic products have the same efficiency as the usual ones. We hope that after you will buy and use some of these products you will give us your feedback.

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