Alexandra-Corina Stănescu, news editor at Europa FM and blogger at

1. What are your favorite places to go when you feel the need to renew your wardrobe?

I admit it, since I ran away from Bucharest and I no longer live in the city, I get tired when going to the malls, but paradoxically, rarely, very rarely, I like to linger among the shelves, but when it is a quiet day, without being crowded. I like C & A, H & M, and sometimes Zara.

2. Everyone has some favorite beauty products. If you were to make a top of them, how would this list look like?

The lip balm is in the top. I have a different one in each purse and coat. Then, the ritual that I can't let go is: hand cream before I go to sleep and body lotion after taking a shower, which smells fresh or sweet. I prefer B & B cream instead of classic foundation. It is also the colorful nail polish, even though I do not like it when I have to get it off my nails.

3. The house should not be left behind. Where do you get the most interesting accessories for your home?

From here and there. Sometimes from the fairs, but I'm also a fan of Pepco and Ikea. When I'm relaxing online, I shop from Vivre.

4. Is free time for relaxation or fun? What activities do you choose?

Since I became a mother, I choose relaxation, because this free time is short and precious. Otherwise, the whole life in 3 is continuosly fun!

5. Regarding sports and healthy diet, what rituals do you have and what are your suggestions for us?

Unfortunately, I do not have much time to practice sports, but I want to make time 2 days a week to make some physical activity in the morning with some help from YouTube videos. Zumba is my favorite, because it combines dance and synchronization with movement. As for healthy eating, since a few years ago, after I have maintained a diet provided by a nutritionist, my life has changed. I do not drink juices of any kind or acidified water, I eat only cooked food prepared at home, at any hour, I do not go out to eat, I have not fried potatoes for 5 years and I like the inventions with what I have in the fridge (the best food always comes out of this). Ah! And I cook using video and TV recipes.

6. When time does not allow you to prepare all the goodies, what are your favorite restaurants to go at?

I rarely go out to eat at a restaurant, when I miss Bucharest and I feel just like a tourist in the city. When my friends and colleagues convince me, I go to Coftale, Shift, Simbio; I generally prefer cafes.

7. Gifts always create unforgettable moments. What are the criteria you choose the right gift for putting a smile on your loved one`s face? What was the last gift you made?

I always think if the person who will receive my gift will like it or in which context she or he talked about that specific object. Many times, when I'm in a store and I see a product (or in front of the laptop, lately for shopping) I immediately remember that friend would definitely like it. The last gift I offered... will be given the next week, does it count? It's a book for a very good friend and colleague. I know he will love it. Or, if it doesn't count, I bought a jewelry case and a necklace for a dear colleague.

8. Travel is certainly on everyone's preferences list. What are your favorite holiday destinations?

The remote islands, Seyshelles, Bahamas, Roma, but also the further Japan.

9. In Romania, we have so many breathtaking places. Where do you choose to go when you want to break your daily routine?

At my relatives from Cluj, or in Brasov.

10. What is the last wow gadget that left you a pleasant impression?

I have seen it on TV: the closet that washes and irons your clothes! I want it!

Image source: Fotografii de profil Romania