Camelia Chețu, psychotherapist and manager at Motherhood Center

  1. What are your favorite places to go when you feel the need to renew your wardrobe?
    I usually find what I need in Băneasa Mall. It helps me to know exactly where every store is, so I easily find the target. But for that je ne sais quoi, I go to Căpșuni cu zahăr, a boutique-store with limited editions of feminine and non-conformist pieces with very good prices. There is a team that knows exactly what is suitable for my clothing style.

  2. Everyone has some favorite beauty products. If you were to make a top 5 of them, how would this list look like?

    • for face cleaning, I use Bioderma – the micellar solution and the liquid soap

    • for face moisturizing, I use Estee Lauder – Perfectionist CP+R, the Gerovital cream

    • for a shiny hair, I use Maroccanoil – the shampoo and the moisturizing mask and the hair oil is a must-have for me and my daughter (10 years)

    • Chloe perfume – Love story

  3. The house should not be left behind. Where do you get the most interesting accessories for your home?
    I most often opt for Zara Home and Mobexpert products, and whenever we go on holiday by car, we return with a hand-made craft flower pot and even plants, because I like very much to take care of the garden.

  4. Is free time for relaxation or fun? What activities do you choose?
    Free time is for family and friends! The work schedule is not very pleasant to my children because I have scheduled appointments in the psychology office from Motherhood Center until late at night and in the most weekends I am involved in supporting courses for future parents. So, I am very careful to catch up with the time and the relationship with my children – so we all play a lot just what they want, we go out to a restaurant, cinema and of course to Saturday's grandparents dinner!

  5. Regarding sports and healthy diet, what rituals do you have and what are your suggestions for us?
    Sport has always been present in my life. In fact, my every year 1st – 8th of March gift from my husband is the renewal of the annual World Class Grand subscription. Regarding nutrition, there are simple and healthy habits that I have even from childhood. The essential variables are: self-control, hydration, fried foods avoidance, awareness to sweets and to dynamic balance (if today I exaggerate with something, in the following days I will be very careful, doing more sport and drinking more water). I am the best in cooking salads. And I make a lot of salads with vegetables. I think that says everything. I have never used applications to monitor the number of steps, pulse, calories or protein-sugar content ratio etc. I am scared of all these technology trends, especially since in my psychology profession I promote the (self) awareness of the body, mind, behavior and emotions.

  6. When time does not allow you to prepare all the goodies, what are your favorite restaurants to go at?
    I really like Animaletto (Roman Square) and La Mahala (Covaci Street).

  7. Gifts always create unforgettable moments. What are the criteria you choose the right gift for putting a smile on your loved one`s face? What was the last gift you made?
    When I choose a gift, I think of the receiver. If I want to surprise my son (7 years), I know I cannot fail if I buy a Lego set in a spontaneous way, without any reason – anniversary, holiday etc. The last gift was for my children – some absolutely gorgeous balls from Italy.

  8. Travel is certainly on everyone's preferences list. What are your favorite holiday destinations?
    My favorite summer destination is Greece, which I discovered recently, and for winter, I choose Sinaia, where we have a very comfortable holiday home.

  9. In Romania, we have so many breathtaking places. Where do you choose to go when you want to break your daily routine?
    I liked a lot staying at Viscri 125 and I want to come back there soon. Time stops in that place, the countryside is like a piece of art and the peace is... everything.

  10. What is the last wow gadget that left you a pleasant impression?
    It is the Amazon intelligent speaker Alexa which my daughter received from an American family friend.


Imagis sources: Personal Archive