Ela Crăciun, news`editor and TV presenter at Antena 3

  1. What are your favorite places to go when you feel the need to renew your wardrobe?
    I find my inspiration online or in beauty and lifestyle magazines, but, also, I talk to my stylists I work with for my blog. When I have to renew my wardrobe, I go to the shops. Half of the pleasure of buying something is to try on different items. :)

  2. Everyone has some favorite beauty products. If you were to make a top 5 of them, how would this list look like?

    My illuminator – for the days that I need some help

    The lips balm – for cold days

    The blush – the midday refreshment

    The travel perfume – a refresh is always useful

    The mascara – for a more dramatic look at evening events

  3. The house should not be left behind. Where do you get the most interesting accessories for your home?
    The best things I buy are from travels or holidays outside the country. In this way, every accessory becomes a story itself.

  4. Is free time for relaxation or fun? What activities do you choose?
    Free time is for family. Whatever we do together is both fun and relaxing.

  5. Regarding sports and healthy diet, what rituals do you have and what are your suggestions for us?
    Healthy diet is, in fact, a moderate diet. I pay attention to the ingredients and the quality of the products I cook with and reduce fried foods and sweets. When I cannot reduce sugar, there is gym and a well-defined program with my personal coach.

  6. When time does not allow you to prepare all the goodies, what are your favorite restaurants to go at?
    The most visited restaurants are the closest to my home. Generally, I go with my family at the restaurant and I prefer quiet places, with food adapted for the little ones. I do not have a favorite restaurant, but I have some places I go frequently.

  7. Gifts always create unforgettable moments. What are the criteria you choose the right gift for putting a smile on your loved one`s face? What was the last gift you made?
    I believe much in the usefulness of a gift, so I choose things my family could immediately enjoy. My favorite gift for my husband is a trip for both of us. :)

  8. Travel is certainly on everyone's preferences list. What are your favorite holiday destinations?
    My annual ritual includes a trip to Dubai with my family and the occasional visits to New York. The rest of the trips are decided on the spot, depending on the inspiration.

  9. In Romania, we have so many breathtaking places. Where do you choose to go when you want to break your daily routine?
    I am fascinated by Transfăgărășan and the culinary culture from Bucovina. For weekend trips, we stay in Sinaia. 

  10. What is the last wow gadget that left you a pleasant impression?
    An application for measuring calories. It was incredible when I saw how many calories I get from a pretzel. :)

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