Sonia Argint Ionescu, founder at, TV Host

  1. What are your favorite places to go when you feel the need to renew your wardrobe?

Considering that I have a busy program, I usually choose the closest mall or I shop online.

  1. Everyone has some favorite beauty products. If you were to make a top 5 of them, how would this list look like?

I have many products that I love and I'm sure I wouldn`t be able to mention all of them, but ... in my top, there are certainly La Mer creams, Givenchy mascara, Vita Liberata bronzing powder, Maroccan Oil shampoos and coconut oil.

  1. The house should not be left behind. Where do you get the most interesting accessories for your home?

I recently discovered Meli Melo Deco, who attracted me with a selection of very French, but also affordable products.

  1. Is free time for relaxation or fun? What activities do you choose?

For both. It depends on the level of energy I have. For example, sport can be both fun and relaxing. Just like a day at the World Class pool. But sometimes, I prefer spending the entire weekend inside and it feels good.

  1. Regarding sports and healthy diet, what rituals do you have and what are your suggestions for us?

I think sport must be part of everyone's life. From my point of view, it is the most effective way to disconnect and deal with stress. Then, it is important for the way you look. As for food, I think everyone needs to know their body, for choosing what the body needs. I believe in balance and local and seasonal food.

  1. When time does not allow you to prepare all the goodies, what are your favorite restaurants to go at?

I think Bucharest has a lot of good restaurants, no matter what menu you prefer. I like Fior di Latte, Argentine, Four Seasons, Sushi Room, Tartar Workshop and more. I only made a selection as different as possible.

  1. Gifts always create unforgettable moments. What are the criteria you choose the right gift for putting a smile on your loved one`s face? What was the last gift you made?

I like to receive practical gifts. So, this is the criterion I am guiding on when I want to offer something. Do you need it or not? Can it be useful? Does it fit you? There are the questions that I always ask myself. Just last week I brought to my boys and my husband some clothes from France. :)

  1. Travel is certainly on everyone's preferences list. What are your favorite holiday destinations?

“Everywhere, whenever” is my motto when it comes to holidays. I'm excited to get anywhere in this beautiful world. But I have to admit that New York and Maldives are in my top dream destinations.

  1. In Romania, we have so many breathtaking places. Where do you choose to go when you want to break your daily routine?

I love the sea and Romania still has some wild beaches in which I found the quietness that I have been looking for a long time. Then there are the Saxon villages with the fortified churches, which people have recently begun to discover. The best accommodation solutions are the fairytale mansions.

  1. What is the last wow gadget that left you a pleasant impression?

BeoPlay A2 gave me a very good impression. It is a beautiful portable small speaker with a sensational sound.

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