Situated in the extreme south of Croatia, Dubrovnik is one of the Croatia’s remarkable towns and a tourist resort visited for its wonderful landscapes and its opening to the Adriatic Sea. Known as The Pearl of the Adriatic, in this wonderful city you will always find something to do. Also, its places will definitely conquer your heart.

Among the most important tourist attractions are the four entrance gates to the fortress: Pile, Ploče, Peskarija and Gate, the Pile gate facilitating the entrance to the city on the longest street, Stradun Street, which is considered the place where the fun is always in full swing. You can access the old town from here.


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Also, the extraordinary beauty of Dubrovnik is also expressed through the special architecture of the houses throughout the city, but also through the marble streets.

It is said that all the roads in Dubrovnik lead to the well-known Rector’s Palace, the former Great Council palace which is now turned into a museum. So, it’s a must to visit it!

Other tourist attractions that we recommend are: the Dubrovnik Cathedral, one of the oldest churches in Europe built from the 12th century and the Franciscan Monastery, where you will find one of the oldest pharmacies.


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And, if you want to relax, we recommend a visit on the beaches of the island near Dubrovnik, such as Lokrum, Mljet or Korcula, where you can enjoy the sun and the waves of the Adriatic Sea.

So, if you decide to visit Dubrovnik, here are some options of accommodation and transport:

  • Dubrovnik Stay (departure 22.08.2018) – – Package includes: 7-night accommodation, round-trip airplane ticket, airport taxes, airport – hotel – airport transfer, tourist assistance, half board meal – 1839 Euros.

  • Dubrovnik Stay (departure 22.08.2018) – – Package includes: 7-night accommodation, without meals, round-trip airplane ticket, all taxes and commissions included. Total price – 1029.70 Euros for 2 adults.

  • Dubrovnik Stay (departures 22.08.2018) – – Package includes: 7-night accommodation, half board, charter flight, airport – hotel – airport transfer, tourist assistance and airport taxes that can be changed. Its price is 781 Euros/person/room type.

And if you want a do-it-yourself holiday, then we recommend the following options:

  • Airplane ticket: 22nd – 29th August 2018 (round trip ticket) – – price starting from 186 Euros;

  • Airplane ticket: 22nd – 29th August 2018 (round trip ticket) – - price starting from 213 Euro;

  • Hotel: Apartment & Room Pajolo – – price 700 Euros (22nd – 29th August);

  • Hotel: Valamar Club Dubrovnik – – price 7630 lei (22nd – 29th August).

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