Romantic evenings or relaxing afternoons are not complete until we light a scented candle, which accentuates our mood in those wonderful moments. Relaxation, love, happiness, but also many other feelings are aroused by the fine scents of soy wax candles created by Alexandra Petcu, the owner of the Flair Scent business.

So, let's find out their story!

1. First of all, can you tell us how you came up with the idea to create Flair Scent?

I was in the UK on holiday with my sister when I saw a 40-pound candle in a shop. Then I was amazed and I didn't understand why a candle would cost so much. I bought it, and when I light it, the smell dispersed all over the house. That's how I got into the habit of buying a few candles every time I went to see my sister. One year, I couldn't go and I saw on the label of a candle that it was made of soy wax. So, I bought all the materials I needed to create a candle. The idea to create Flair Scent came after I created a few candles and offered them as a gift. One of the people who received a candle told me I could sell them, and that's how Flair Scent was born.

2. What kind of products can we find in the Flair Scent store?

Flair Scent

Photo by Ștefania Gache

All Flair Scent candles are made of soy wax, but the containers and flavors are different. I have recycled/upcycled containers such as cups, glasses, mugs, pots and all kinds of dishes that mean something for me.

Then I have the Homemade Jewelry collection, in luxurious candy bowls and glasses, specially created for candles, brought from Australia. I also have travel boxes, which are perfect to be taken on a trip to stamp your memories in perfume. The perfume is one of the most powerful triggers of memories

3. Why did you choose all the products you created to be made of soy wax?

I chose soy wax because it is natural, burns clean and is much harder to consume than paraffin. It is also close to coconut butter (it is made using the same process), it melts at a much lower temperature and allows the perfume to be released into the air. Some use mixtures with paraffin and soy, or rapeseed and coconut wax. However, I wanted to keep the pure soy wax, so I make my process easier and I know that if the person who buys the candle will bring the vessel to refill it, I will be able to wash it easily.

4. Can you tell us about the process of creating a candle?

First of all, I'm looking for containers, which is my favorite part. When I see the containers on the shelf, I think about what flavor I will fill them with. Then I prepare them for casting. I wash them, measure them to put the right wick, weigh them and group them by flavors. Then pour a layer of wax, 2 cm in each bowl. I wait for it to harden and repeat the process until it fills up. This way I ensure the same scent every time I light it.

5. Where do you get the containers in which you pour the candles?

From anywhere! Those that are recycled from several stores from Iași that bring furniture from France, and also bring containers in addition to furniture. I check them regularly. I also buy containers from artists who make pottery, such as De Ceramică, Mellon Collie Ceramics, Mica Cera etc. I buy the rest of the new containers from foreign suppliers.

6. What inspires you to choose the flavor combinations?

Flair Scent

Photo by Ștefania Gache

I think everything inspires me: my moods, the events around me, the people. Even my cat, who has a collection that bears her name, Qualia. Since my cat is black, I created black wax candles in black containers and they have the aroma of blackberries and black pepper.

7. What is the customers’ feedback and how does it influence you?

I think the customers’ feedback helped me get here. The greatest joy is when people call me or send me messages and pictures in which they thank me and say that they love them. That's what I feed my spirit with :))

8. Those who have dear containers, from which they cannot separate, can come to you to turn them into candles? What are the steps required for this?

Of course it is possible and I really recommend it. People who want to do this can send me an email with the number of containers, a picture with them, and I will send them the list of flavors available at that time. Then they pack them well and send them by courier.

9. Can you tell us what your favorite flavors are and how did you discover the perfect formula for them?

Flair Scent

Photo by Ștefania Gache

Top 5 Favorites: Honey and Tobacco, Twilight Sparks, Lilies and Cotton, Lime and Mango and Full Moon <3. Creating a perfume can take years and is a slightly more complicated process to create a special perfume for candles, which is resistant to high temperatures. That's why the oils I use are created by renowned perfumers.

10. How do you think Flair Scent will change in the coming years?

I hope it grows nicely. I dream of having someone who will help me (one or more people), so that I could take care of other things, such as promotion or creating new products. In the future, I see a bigger space for the Flair Scent workshop where I will also hold candle casting workshops, whether it's for relaxation or to learn something new.

I would like to bring scented candles in the homes of as many Romanians as possible, because a scented candle improves the state of mind so much, especially after a hard day at work. :D

Images source: Flair Scent personal archive