Dan Bujor - specialist in bamboo massage technique

1. How did your passion for massage appear and what did you do to develop it?

I started practicing bamboo massage since 2011. I learned this technique from a Chinese man in Constanța and then I started to improve it. The first person who supported me was my current girlfriend, who was also my first client.

By continuously developing this body shaping massage technique with bamboo sticks, I think I can position myself among the best masseurs in the country.

2. Do you practice other types of massages beside the bamboo massage? If yes, what kind of massages are they?

Starting from 2005 and until the end of 2010 I’ve practiced several types of massages, such as the one for relaxation, reflexology, therapeutic and anti-cellulite. But now, the only massage that I practice is the bamboo massage.

3. Why did you choose to specialize in bamboo massage?

This technique of bamboo massage for body modelling is the thing that defines me. My passion for massage has always existed and I think this is my purpose for the rest of my life.

4. What does the bamboo massage imply and to whom it is recommended?

The bamboo massage has many benefits for the body, such as: eliminating the excess water and toxins, improving skin elasticity and stimulating the muscles, including the lymph. After such a massage session, you will see how the quality of your sleep will improve. Also, a harmonious body will make you regain your self-confidence!

5. What is the duration and the price of a massage session?

A session lasts for 50 minutes and costs 120 lei.

6. After how many sessions will you see the effects of the bamboo massage? What is it recommended to do between two such sessions?

Usually, the results are usually visible after the first three sessions, but this is not the case for everyone. Each body follows its own process and can respond faster or slower to these stimuli. Between sessions it is advisable to have a balanced diet in which you consume lots of fluids and you do not exaggerate with the sugar and carbohydrates.

7. Are there certain interdictions that people have after a bamboo massage session?

The only restraints that they have are related to food, more exactly to not making abuses of any kind, because they are not recommended.

8.What are the tips you give to those who want to try the bamboo massage?

It’s important for every person to take care of their body. It is not a difficult process to have a healthy body, but one that requires attention.

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