Do you remember how much you admired your mom's dresses when you were a child and how, on every occasion, you borrowed various items from her wardrobe? Every little girl is fascinated by her mother's clothes and the pleasure with which she walks on her high heels or the smile that illuminates her face when she wears the red dress are priceless.

Bring these special moments into your little girl's life with a matching outfit for you and her. She will feel like a little princess, and you will proudly admire your identical outfit. We help you with some mother-daughter outfits that you can try when you both want to shine:

1. Set of mother-daughter skirt and tulle blouse – – 180 lei

Set fusta si bluza din tulle

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2. Mother and daughter floral dresses – – 600 lei

Rochii floarale mama-fiica

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3. Mother-daughter blouses

Bluze mama fiica

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4. Mother-daughter dresses

Rochii mama -fiica

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5. Dresses for mother and daughter – – 689 lei

Rochii mama fiica

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6. Set of T-shirts for mother and daughter – – 178 lei


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7. Set of charming dresses for mother and daughter – – 426 lei

rochie mama fiica

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8. Set of dresses for mother and daughter – – 700 lei

Princess Queen Fashion

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9. Set of leggings for mother and daughter – – 200 lei

Family fashion

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Regardless of the outfit you will choose for you and your daughter, we are sure you will look incredibly beautiful! So, all we have to say to you is “Have fun shopping”!

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