Feel the Easter magic with your child! Help your child to develop his or her creative ability with egg engraving kits. Enjoy together some wonderful moments full of fun and decorate your Easter table with the most beautiful eggs.

Here are some online stores from where you can purchase such an egg engraving kit.

1. Egg engraving kit – bestkids.ro – 129 lei

Aparat de incondeiat oua

2. Egg engraving set – decorix.ro – 34.90 lei

Set incondeiat oua

3. Egg engraving kit for Easter – decocraft.ro – 19.20 lei

Set de pictat oua

4. Egg engraving kit for Easter – emag.ro – 29.74 lei

Kit de pictat pentru Paste

5. Easter figurines painting set – homelux.ro – 9.99 lei

Set de pictat figurine Paste

6. Egg engraving set – creatuvehobbystore.ro – 79.90 lei

Set de pictat oua

We are sure that you will have some unique patterned eggs on your Easter table. We look forward to hearing from you how this experience was with your little one.

Featured image source: mipblog.com
Listing image source: www.northernvirginiamag.com
Article images sources: the websites where the mentioned products are available