We know that the previous period was quite boring and your whole schedule was turned upside down, but now we have the solution for afternoons or weekends full of fun and joy in the company of your children! Opt for some fun and competitive outdoor games that will consume your energy in a pleasant way! You can play anywhere: in the garden, in the park or wherever you have enough space!

1. Badminton set for 4 players – vivre.ro – 69.99 lei

Set pentru badminton pentru 4 jucători

2. Volleyball – sportisimo.ro – 54.99 lei

Minge de volei

3. Frisbee – carturesti.ro – 16.07 lei


4. Boomerang – juggler.ro – 129 lei


5. Archery set – www.decathlon.ro – 159.99 lei

Set pentru tir cu arcul

6. Ping-pong set – www.kettler.ro – 44 lei

Set pentru ping-pong

7. Darts set (2 sides) – www.vidaxl.ro – 71 lei

Set pentru darts

8. Eagle kite – expert-shop.ro – 52 lei

 Zmeu vultur

What game will you choose to spend precious time with your little one on summer days?

Featured image source: bvcg.nl 
Listing image source: www.liveabout.com
Article images sources: the websites where the above-mentioned products are available