There is no point in telling you how much fun it is to swim with your friends at the sea or to dabble in the pool. It would be a pity to miss these moments, just because you do not know how to swim, so we suggest you some courses that you can register to. You can learn to swim at any age!

With the help of an instructor, but also with great will on your part, swimming can even become a recreational activity that you can do whenever you want to. The benefits of this sport are numerous, including toning muscles, increasing muscle strength, but also endurance, strengthening the cardiovascular system without putting pressure on the joints, as well as maintaining optimal body weight.

So, if you want to learn how to swim, we have some suggestions of places where you can practice this sport with the help of an instructor:


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1. Aqua Sport – – 2 Lunca Bradului Street; 25-27 Virgil Madgearu Street; 9 Fuiorului Alley;

8 sessions/month pass – 400 lei

2. Aqua Life – – 8 Berceni Avenue;

8 sessions/1 month pass – 350 lei

3. Inițiere înot – – 37-39 Basarabia Boulevard;

8 sessions/1 month pass – 480 lei

4. Bluemarin – – 3-11 Gabriela Szabo Street;

8 sessions pass – 420 lei

5. Atack team – – 8 Eroii Sanitari Boulevard;

8 sessions/28 days pass – 300 lei

6. Navi – – 6-8  Chișinău Boulevard (NAVI MIRAMAR); 62 A Eșarfei Street (NAVI CASA CAMPIONILOR);

8 sessions pass: 320 lei (NAVI MIRAMAR)/360 lei (NAVI CASA CAMPIONILOR)

7. Club Înot – – 2 Larisa Street;

8 sessions pass: 320 lei

It is important to know how to swim, but do not expect this to happen after only a few hours with the swim instructor. The process requires lots of time, but the results will be amazing!

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