Adopted for some time now by Europeans, Halloween is one of the funniest celebrations throughout the year. Taking place on the night of 31st October, when the borders between this world and the hereafter narrows, the feast of evil spirits brings hundreds of costumed people to the same place.

Initially, with the occasion of this celebration, the children were the ones who dressed and went to their neighbors’ houses asking “Trick or treat?” and if they didn’t get sweets, then they would prank that person. This custom is not kept in all countries, but all of them organize themed parties where everyone has fun until the dawn.

So, what are you going to dress up for Halloween? If you do not know yet, then we give you some suggestions:

  1. Costume of a woman from Stone

    Costum femeie epoca de piatraImage source:

    If you want to remind your friends of the famous cartoon “Flintstone Family” at the Halloween party, then it’s time to buy such a costume. You can order it online or buy it directly from the store in Sun Plaza Mall, at the shopping galleries at level -1, at the price of 140 lei. Only the dress and belt around the waist are included in the price.

  2. Viking King Costume

    Costum rege vikingImage source:

    Do you fight every time for what you want? Now you have the chance to become a true Viking fighter! You can buy your costume at the price of 239 lei. The package only includes the tunic with a wool head, accessorized with cuffs from faux leather and fur collar cloak.

  3. Egyptian

    Costum zeita egipteanaImage source: www.carnaval24.roIf you want your beauty to stand out, even at a Halloween party, then choose to dress as an Egyptian goddess. You can buy the costume at the price of 109.90 lei.

  4. Superman Costume

    Costum SupermanImage source:

    In order to have a special appearance at any thematic party, buy your Superman costume at the price of 320 lei. You will surely impress those around you!

If you have not bought a suit yet, you can go to the website, where you can find costumes for rental. The prices for renting these costumes vary between 70 and 110 lei. You can also try, where the costumes are rented at the price of 50 lei, but you need to pay a guarantee fee.

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