You know the general recommendations that are broadcasted on TV, don't you? The ones about the sugar, salt and fats consumption, about the time spent with your child and so on. If we could, we would have introduced another saying: For improving the quality of your life, spend enough time with your friends! 😊

So, if you want to forget about the everyday problems and to enjoy a healthy laugh and a great vibe, organize a game night with your friends! You only need a few boardgames that will make you lose the track of time and have endless fun. We leave our suggestions below:

1. 5 Seconds – – 125 lei

joc 5 secunde

2. Alias – Women against Men – – 98 lei

joc Alias

3. Exploding Kittens – – 109 lei

joc Exploding Kittens

4. Saboteur – – 37 lei

joc Saboteur

5. Dark Stories – – 39 lei

joc Povesti intunecate

6. Twister – – 109.99 lei

joc Twister

7. Cards Against Humanity – – 124 lei

joc Cards Against Humanity

8. Carcassone – – 109 lei

joc Carcassone

9. Cluedo – – 119.99 lei

joc Cluedo

10. Code Name – – 79 lei

joc Nume de cod



We are curious, so we can't wait for you to tell us which one of these games made your night memorable!

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