Are you a spontaneous person who does not like to spend much time at home and is always ready to go out? Whether we are talking about outdoor walks, about parties where everyone has fun until the morning or about sunsets on the seashore, all these moments have to be captured on camera.

We propose you an instant camera that will take and print your pictures right away. Yes, you understood well, you can share these important moments with all your friends no matter where you are. Here are 6 models you can find in online stores:

1. Sanremo instant camera – – 549 lei

Aparat foto instant Sanremo

2. Kodak Printomatic instant camera – – 597 lei

Aparat foto instant Kodak


3. Polaroid Originals instant camera – – 799.99 lei

Aparat foto instant Polaroid


4. Leica Sofort instant camera – – 1399 lei

Aparat foto Leica


5. Canon Zoemini S instant camera – – 790 lei

Aparat foto instant Canon


6. Lomo’Instant Automat – – 663 lei

Aparat foto Lomo

We want every moment you capture on camera to be a special one for you. This is the best way you can collect the most beautiful memories!

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