One of the newest winter sports, snowboarding has quickly become a favorite among many snow lovers. Like any sport practiced in the months when temperatures drop drastically, it requires a special equipment. Starting from the clothes you should wear and up to the accessories you should have on the ski slope when you use your snowboard, we suggest 2 complete outfits, which you can buy online with just a few clicks:

Snowboard jackets

Geci snowboard


  • Northfinder Irnes snowboard jacket for her – – 699.99 lei

  • Northfiner Rowen snowboard jacket for him – – 969.99 lei

Snowboard pants

Pantaloni snowboard


  • Sandy snowboard pants for her – – 622 lei

  • Parch snowboard pants for him – – 490 lei

Snowboard boards

Placi snowboard


Snowboard bindings

Legaturi snowboard


  • Starlet Raven snowboard bindings for her – – 299 lei

  • Raven snowboard bindings for him – – 289 lei

Snowboard boots

Boots snowboard


  • Limelight snowboard boots for her – – 837 lei

  • Moto Boa snowboard boots for him – – 978 lei

Snowboard helmets

Casti snowboard


  • Alpina Grap snowboard hemlet for her – – 469 lei

  • Alpina Grap snowboard helmet for him – – 469 lei

Snowboard glasses

Ochelari snowboard


  • Dragon Candy snowboard glasses for her – – 289 lei

  • Nerv Nomad snowboard glasses for him – – 449 lei

Snowboard gloves

Manusi snowboard


  • WED’ZE snowboard gloves for her – – 99,99 lei

  • WED’ZE snowboard gloves for him– – 79,90 lei

Snowboard facemasks

Cagula snowboard


  • Naroo Mask snowboard facemask for her – – 169 lei

  • Naroo Mask snowboard facemask for him – – 229 lei

Equip yourself properly on the slope, no matter what sport you want to play. The lack of equipment can lead to extremely serious accidents, especially if you are a beginner!

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