We know you like skating and spending more time at the skating rink, that's why we thought you could use some new ice skates. Every time you get there, you have to wait in line for entering the skating rink and then you also need to queue again for renting your ice skates. So why not spending more time on the skating rink, having your own ice skates, which are comfortable and come in your favorite color? Here are some models of ice skates that we propose for you:

1. Light brown/black Roces Pardus ice skates – for her – www.skates.ro – 459 lei

Patine Roces Pardus

Image source: www.skates.ro

2. Crowded GR550 ice skates – for him – www.sportisimo.ro – 229.99 lei

Patine Crowded

Image source: www.sportisimo.ro

3. Head Opal ice skates – for her – www.hervis.ro – 399.99 lei

Patine Head Opal

Image source: www.hervis.ro

4. Worker Skury ice skates – for him – www.insportline.ro – 289 lei

Patine worker

Image source: www.insportline.ro

5. Fila Kerry ice skates – for her – www.wintermag.ro – 469.99 lei

Patine Fila

Image source: www.wintermag.ro

6. Roces RSK 2 ice skates – for him – www.bravosport.ro – 365 lei

Patine Roces

Image source: www.bravosport.ro

7. Action Maripo adjustable ice skates – for her – www.emag.ro – 368 lei

Patine Action

Image source: www.emag.ro

8. Oxelo ice skates – for him  – www.decathlon.ro – 169.90 lei

Patine Oxelo

Image source: www.decathlon.ro

Purchase your own ice skates and have as much fun as possible on the skating rink!

Featured image source: www.miifotos.com
Listing image source: www.booking.com