A perfect fusion of fun, strategy and physical strength, paintball is one of the most beloved sports by both men and women. It is a wonderful team game, which reveals the skills of your teammates and stimulates the reaction speed, but also how people behave in critical situations.

It is not a dangerous game as long as the equipment is used as instructed. The strikes of a paintball ball are a little painful, but the pain will go away after a few seconds from the impact. So, if you have decided that you and your friends want to engage in a few hours of adventure, we have prepared for you some paintball fields that you can find in or near the capital city:

1. Academia de Paintball – www.academiadepaintball.ro – 18 Vergului Avenue, Bucharest;


Academia de Paintball offers you two fields with different themes, Junk Yard Field and Wood Land, which cover an area of 4000sqm. These can be transformed, on request, into a single one. The smallest package you can buy is the Bronze one (2 hours access to the field, 150 balls, protective equipment (combination, protective vest, protective mask) and game equipment (weapon/marker, alimentary CO2 bottle, ball loader), CO2/alimentary carbon dioxide, trainer and logistics) that you can get at the price of 45 lei.

2. Army Paintball – www.armypaintball.ro – Liberty Center, 151-171 Progresului Street, Bucharest;


Image source: www.facebook.com

The largest concept of indoor and outdoor paintball in Romania awaits you with 5 fields with different themes, with areas between 3000 and 20000 square meters. Here, the price of a ball is 0.3 lei, and the minimum number of balls purchased is 100. This price includes protective equipment, training, as well as the field where the game will take place.

3. Paintball Hunter – www.paintballhunter.ro – Speranței Street, Dudu;


Come near Bucharest and enjoy 3 hours of fun and adrenaline rush with your friends. The prices start from 60 lei for the Soldier package, which contains 200 balls, game referee, mask, vest, combination, gloves and marker, and if you still need to refill the weapon, it costs extra 30 lei for 100 balls.

4. PaintballAS – www.paintballas.ro – Băneasa Forest, near the Zoo Garden, Bucharest;


The land near Băneasa Forest awaits you and your friends for a few hours in the heart of the forest, right next to Bucharest. The price of a ball is 0.3 lei, but a player must purchase at least 100 balls. This price also includes: protective equipment, weapon, land rental, assistance and additional paintball equipment.

5. Paintball Edenland Park – www.edenland.ro – 12 Cantonlui Street, Balotești;


Also offering night lighting, Edenland awaits you with over 4000 sqm of land specially equipped for paintball. The basic package starts from 50 lei for a player and includes 200 paintball balls, a recharge with 100 balls being 30 lei for one player. The protective equipment is free depending on the ball package you choose.

We hope this experience will be an unforgettable one and you will also share with us the fun you had on the paintball field.

Featured image source: www.rwpaintball.co.uk
Listing image source: www.virginexperiencedays.co.uk
Article images sources: the websites where the above-mentioned products are available