The Lent has just begun, and the options of dishes that you can eat are fewer, but with some cookbooks with fasting recipes you will not miss the food you used to eat daily. Also, throughout this period, it is necessary for your body to receive the same vitamins, salts, proteins and carbohydrates that you had when eating animal products.

So, if you want to cook delicious meals and ensure a balanced diet throughout the Lent, we have prepared some cookbooks with fasting recipes that you can order with just a few clicks:

1. 151 fasting recipes – – 9.99 lei

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2. Tasty fasting recipes – – 19.99 lei

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3. 205 fasting recipes – – 9.63 lei

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4. 300 delicious fasting recipes – – 15 lei

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5. 50 fasting recipes – – 37.95 lei

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6. Dishes for fasting periods – – 29.90 lei

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Buy one of the above-mentioned cookbooks and tell us your favorite recipe. Enjoy your meal!

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