The holidays are coming, and Romanian food should not miss from any homemaker’s table. Whether we are talking about tasty soups, wonderful main courses or flavoured cakes, everything should taste just like the ones that mother used to make.

To welcome your guests with the most delicious foods, we have prepared a list of cookbooks with Romanian recipes, which will help you prepare an unforgettable dinner!

1. 365+1 rețete românești (365+1 romanian recipes) – – 23 lei

365+1 retete romanesti

2. Rețete culese de la cinci brașovence (Recipes collected from five women in Brașov) – – 32 lei

Retete culese de la cinci brasovence

3. Feluri din carne gătite românește (Romanian-style meat dishes) – – 15 lei

Feluri din carne gatite romaneste

4. 501 retete din bucătăria românească (501 recipes from the Romanian cuisine) – libră – 25 lei

501 retete din bucataria romaneasca

5. Rețete tradiționale românești (Traditional Romanian recipes) – – 24.90 lei

Retete traditionale romanesti

6. Bucate, vinuri și obiceiuri românești (Romanian food, wines and customs) – – 65 lei

Bucate, vinuri si obiceiuri romanesti

7. Rețete tradiționale românești (Traditional Romanian recipes) – – 17.99 lei

Retete traditionale romanesti

The taste of home-made food shouldn’t miss from your holiday table this year! So, as December is very close, don’t forget to order at least one of the seven books presented above. Your guests will appreciate the taste of your dishes, and your dinner will be the most appreciated!

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