On Thursday, 14th November, starting 7:00 p.m., Librăria Humanitas hosts a special event – the launch of the collective book “Cartea întâmplărilor. Mistere, ciudățenii, uimiri” (“The Book of Happenings. Mysteries, Oddities, Wonders”), coordinated by Tatiana Niculescu, with texts by: Ana Blandiana, Mircea Cărtărescu, Ioana Pârvulescu, Corina Şuteu, Gabriel Liiceanu, Cristina Cioabă, Gabriela Tabacu, Ioan Florin Florescu, Monica Pillat, Florin Bican, Ioana Nicolaie, Augustin Cupşa, Marie-France Fauvet, Steiner Lone, Andreea Răsuceanu, Bogdan Răileanu, Mihaela Miroiu, Adriana Bittel, Marius Chivu, Alina Pavelescu, Jean A. Harris.

Cartea intamplarilor. Mistere, ciudatenii, uimiri

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“Cartea întâmplărilor. Mistere, ciudățenii, uimiri” presents true events in our lives for which we cannot find any reasonable explanation, unusual stories, dreams, coincidences and inexplicable apparitions. Naturally, we share fragments of a world that can be decoded from a psychological, anthropological, cultural, psychoanalytical point of view, and analysed based on the concerns, the traumas or the texts read by each of us. No matter their interpretation, we are aware that we can dive unwillingly into another reality.

We are waiting for you on Thursday at Librăria Humanitas, at the time above, for a signing session that will take place at the end of the book launch.

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