Celebrating 100 years since the Great Union, 2018 comes with a selection of books in special edition for this wonderful event.

The Great Union had a significant impact for Romania, as it restored the country's repositioning in Europe, both from a socio-demographic point of view, as well as by increasing the economy and natural resources.

Therefore, the selection of books we have made for you will present the events of 1918, the characters and celebrities of that period, but also the situation of Romania from then until now. Let's find out together!

1. The Golden Book of the Centenary of the Great Union (Cartea de aur a Centenarului Marii Uniri) – www.dol.ro – price 126 lei

Cartea de aur a Centenarului Marii Uniri

Image source: www.dol.ro

2. "The Centenary of the Great Union” collection (Colecția „Centenarul Marii Uniri”) www.librex.ro – price 150 lei

Colectia centenarul marii uniri

Image source: www.librex.ro

The books in this collection can also be individually purchased:

Mihai Viteazul – www.librex.ro – 30 lei

Mircea cel Bătrân – www.librex.ro – 30 lei

Regina Maria – www.librex.ro – 30 lei

Radu Negru Vodă – www.librex.ro – 30 lei

Petru Cercel – www.librex.ro – 30 lei

Alexandru Ioan Cuza – www.librex.ro – 30 lei

3. At the Centenary – Rereading the Century of Greater Romania (La Centenar – Recitind secolul României Mari) – www.libris.ro – price 29 lei

La Centenar - Recitind secolul Romaniei Mari

Image source: www.libris.ro

4. Romania – The Centenary of the Great Union - 1918-2018 (România – Centenarul Marii Unirii - 1918-2018) – www.librariadelfin.ro – price 21 lei

Romania - Centenarul Marii Uniri 1918

Image source: www.librariadelfin.ro

5. The Romanian identity around the Centenary of the Great Union (1918 - 2018) (Identitatea românească în preajma Centenarului Marii Unirii (1918 – 2018)) (eBook) www.ideeaeuropeana.ro – price 42 lei

Identitatea romaneasca in preajma Centenarului Marii Uniri

Image source: www.ideeaeuropeana.ro

Purchase the books presented above and learn more about Romania's history from 1918 until the present.

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