Did you eat too much food with carbohydrates and fats during the winter holidays? Now that everything has passed, you can go back to a healthy lifestyle that involves sports and a balanced diet. So, we've prepared a selection of books containing recipes of natural and healthy juices and smoothies. Full of flavor and vitamins, they will help you regain your vitality and energy after this tiring period for your body.

1. Juices and smoothies. 50 easy-to-do recipes – www.libris.ro – 60 lei

SUcuri si smoothies. 50 de retete usoare

Image source: www.libris.ro

2. Smoothies – Freshness, energy and beauty – www.emag.ro – 89.99 lei


Image source: www.emag.ro 

3. Collection of recipes of juices and smoothies – www.biovita.ro – 20 lei

Colectie de retete pentru sucuri si smoothies

Image source: www.biovita.ro

4. Recipes of juices and smoothies for superenergy – www.elefant.ro – 49.90 lei

Retete de sucuri si smoothies pentru supraenergie

Image source: www.elefant.ro

5. Smoothie-licious – carturesti.ro – 72.40 lei

Smothie - licious

Image source: carturesti.ro

6. Smoothies and natural juices. Health and energy in a glass – www.cartidiverse.ro – 56 lei

Smoothies si sucuri naturale

Image source: www.cartidiverse.ro

7. Juices, smoothies and other delicious drinks – www.librariaonline.ro – 76.97 lei

Sucuri, smoothies si alte bauturi delicioase

Image source: www.librariaonline.ro

Purchase one of these books with recipes of smoothies and natural juices and experience new tastes and flavors. Eat many fruits and vegetables during this period, because they will help you strengthen your immune system and cleanse your body of toxins.

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