The first day of school is an important moment in your child’s life. He’s probably looking forward to choosing his school supplies, learn new things and spend time with his colleagues.

Notebooks or pens are objects used for a short period of time, but his first backpack will remain forever imprinted in his mind, because he will wear it for more than one semester. Thus, a backpack is a long-term investment that must be made carefully. It must meet several conditions: to be durable, according to the child's age, but also to his tastes. But don’t forget to have a little fun! A backpack is the perfect way for the little one to express his personality in a group, so it must be original and according to his preferences. Whether he is fascinated by animated characters or wants a colorful print, we have prepared a list of backpacks suitable for both girls and boys. Here's where you can order them:

Backpacks for girls:

1. Minnie Mouse backpack Samsonite – – 189 lei

backpack samsonite minnie mouse girls

2. School backpack Trolls – – 54.99 lei

backpack trolls

3. Must Unicorn backpack – – 74.99 lei

backpack unicorn

4. Frozen Seek the Truth backpack – – 79.99 lei

frozen backpack

5. Starpak My Little Pony backpack – – 98.40 lei

little pony backpack

Backpacks for boys:

1. Hedgehog-shaped backpack Skip Ho Zoo – – 99 lei

skip hop zoo backpack

2. Minions backpack – – 89.99 lei

minions backpack

3. Lil Buddy Monsters backpack – – 51.99 lei

lil buddy monsters backpack

4. Mickey Mouse backpack Samsonite – – 189 lei

mickey mouse backpack

5. Spiderman backpack Auchan – – 72 lei

backpack spiderman


We hope that one of the backpacks we’ve proposed is suitable for your child, because we know how difficult it is to keep up with what fascinates him. What backpack do you think he would like to have on his first day of school? If you know your child well, just make him a surprise!

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