Do you want to offer a unique gift to your dear ones on the occasion of “Mărțișor”? Come to the fairs specially organized for this event! From here you can buy the latest models of “mărțișoare”, but also gifts made with lots of care and love.

Here's where you can go:

1.  „Baba Dochia” fair

Baba Dochia

Period: 29th February

Location: Bernschutz & Co Tea

Entrance price: free

2. Târg de Mărțisor 

Targ de Martisor

Period: 29.02 - 01.03

Location: The Vintage Pub

Entrance price: free

3. Bounty Mărțișor 

Bounty Martisor

Period: 29.02 - 01.03

Location: Bounty Fair

Entrance price: free

4. Happy Spring Market 

Happy Spring Market

Period: 08.02 - 08.03

Location: Afi Palace Cotroceni

Entrance price: free

5. Târg de Valentine’s Day și Mărțișor 

Targ de Valentine's Day si Martisor

Period: 12.02 - 12.03

Location: Mega Mall Bucharest

Entrance price: free


Where will you go for choosing the best “mărțișor”?

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