The shy sun makes us replace the heavy coat with a trench coat in spring tones or an elegant blazer. The last one is a fashion item that worth investing in, being necessary in any lady’s wardrobe. Along with the classic black dress, the white shirt and the diamond necklace, the blazer is another piece of clothing where the quality and refinement are important. And as you are in the process of preparing the wardrobe for the new season, a colourful blazer full of freshness and optimism is just what you need!

Being paved with refinement and having spring colours, the blazers we have selected for you are an inspired choice for this season. Here's what the premium stores have for you:

1. Gucci Blazer – – 2800 euro;

Blazer Gucci

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2. Burberry Blazer – – 7500 lei;

Blazer Burberry

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3. Karen Millen Blazer – – 1659 lei;

Blazer Karen Millen

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4. Irina Mazilu Blazer – – 358 euro;

Blazer Irina Mazilu

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5. MaxMara Blazer – – 4139 lei;

Blazer MaxMara

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Choose with inspiration and opt for the quality of an elegant blazer, perfect to be worn this spring!

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