"Ugly" positioned next to any piece of clothing does not seem to urge you to wear it. However, an extremely widespread trend has conquered the sneakers’ world. As you have already figured out, today we will present you the ugly sneakers. You surely know them. They are those sport shoes inspired by the 80s and 90s’ "ugly dad sneakers", extremely voluminous, having shimmering and totally inappropriate choices of colors or provocative prints, to which a worn-out look is often added. Briefly, they are the sneakers that you would not have worn some years ago! Today, they are the coolest piece in a trendy urban outfit.

You probably wonder "Why?". Well, leaving aside the idea of trendy items, the "ugly shoes", which in the 1990s were considered "nerd shoes", have a great advantage – they are extremely comfortable. And as comfort prevails in fashion during this period, the trends have focused on clothing and accessories that make our days more beautiful. In addition, the trend of the moment is to look cool without losing sleep over it. And how can you do it better if not with a pair of sports shoes you take from your dressing without too much "aesthetic effort"?

And the best part is that you can wear them almost anywhere and anyhow: at work in a smart-casual outfit, on the street, at shopping, in the park, on holiday, with denim items, vintage skirts, slip dresses, and the list can continue successfully.

Here are some models worth buying:

Gucci Sneakers – www.gucci.com – 790 euro;

Gucci Sneakers

Image source: www.gucci.com

DSQUARED2 Sneakers – www.farfetch.com – 975 euro;

DSQUARED2 Sneakers

Image source: www.farfetch.com

MSGM Sneakers – www.epantofi.ro – 2132 lei;

MSGM Sneakers

Image source: www.epantofi.ro

Moschino Sneakers –  www.moschino.com – 475 dollars;

Moschino Sneakers

Image source: www.moschino.com

Maison Marfiela Sneakers – www.farfetch.com – 1246 euro;

Maison Marfiela Sneakers

Image source: www.farfetch.com

Hogan Sneakers – www.sportcouture.ro – 1810 lei.

Hogan Sneakers

Image source: www.sportcouture.ro

Without giving it another thought, which of them would you try for a super cool look?

Featured image source: www.twashion.com
Listing image source: www.refinery29.com