The ruby is one of the most famous precious stones, being easily recognizable due to its bright red color. The more intense color, the higher the value of the gem. So, if you want a special jewelry, we have prepared a few that contain this wonderful gem.

1. Chain and pendant with diamonds and rubies – – 8390 lei


Details: 18K gold chain and pendant, main stone: 1.24 ct, jewelery weight: 5.98 g;

2. Earrings with diamonds and rubies – – 8682 lei


Details: 14K pink gold inlaid with 28 transparent diamonds 1.090 ct H SI and 2 rubies 5.540 ct;

3. Tennis bracelet with rubies – – 8654 lei


Detalii: brățară Tennis din aur de 18K cu rubine DERUVO, carataj 0.66, formă rotundă, gramaj 11,05 g.

4. Engagement ring with rubies and diamonds – – 9650 lei


Details: 18K gold engagement ring, central ruby size is 4.00 mm, very good ruby quality, secondary diamonds 0.70 ct.

5. Cefalania pendant with a ruby and a diamond – – 8738 lei


Details: 585 yellow gold pendant with a ruby and a diamond

6. Earrings with rubies – – 11731 lei


Details: 0.7 ct ruby earrings, fitted in 8.53 g 18K pink gold

7. Bracelet with rubies – – 9590 lei


Details: 18K white gold bracelet, handmade, with rubies totaling 1.45 ct, gold pendant 7g

8. Engagement ring with rubies and diamond – – 9215 lei


Details: 18K pink gold ring, weighing approximately 2.47g, 2 rubies in the shape of a teardrop, 0.28 ct, AA+ quality

9. Earrings with diamonds, sapphires and rubies – – 10500 lei

Bijuteria Stil

Details: 14K white gold earrings with 16 white diamonds of 0.18 ct, G-H / SI2, 204 pink sapphires with a total weight of 3.61 ct and 10 rubies of 1.43 ct

10. Necklace with rubies – – 14150 lei

La rosa

Details: 18K yellow gold ruby necklace, approx. 10.51g, diamond - 0.54ct, stone - 18.21ct, color: H, clarity: VS.

We know that you are a fan of this precious stone, so which of the jewels presented above are your favorites?

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