Being among the most popular colorful diamonds, the black diamonds are a must-have for those who love precious and non-conformist jewelry. A diamond with such a color will always draw attention to you!

Black diamond jewelry is very hard to process, because this precious stone contains graphite and carbon atoms, which form a non-uniform chemical composition. Thus, a jewelry containing at least one natural black diamond will have a high price. But, if you want your look to be enveloped by mystery and elegance, we have prepared some pieces of jewelry containing black diamonds:

1. White gold ring with white and black diamonds – – 18980 lei


2. Gold earrings with black diamonds – – 28469 lei



3. Silver ring with black diamonds – – 12093 lei



4. Gold necklace with black diamond – – 18150 lei



5. Gold ring with black diamonds – – 13973 lei



6. Yellow gold wedding ring with black diamonds – – 8103 lei



7. Platinum engagement ring with black diamond – – 12000 lei



8. Gold bracelet with black diamonds – – 14999 lei


Emphasize your elegant and non-conformist style by wearing at least one piece of jewelry with black diamonds!

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