An ideal smile is on everyone’s wish list, but not all of us are lucky to have perfect teeth. So, with the help of the current technology, almost everything can be repaired and beautified. How can you do that, but especially how can this happen to your smile?

Veneers are the ones that will make your smile glamorous. This method affects the teeth only a little bit, since just a minimum of teeth polishing is required before application. Most often, the veneers are made of ceramics, but there are also other materials they can be made of.

What are the advantages of this procedure?

Veneers are customizable, perfectly fitting the dental imprints of each person. They can last for more than a decade, only if you keep an impeccable oral hygiene and visit the dentist on a regular basis. Also, there is no recovery period after their application. Thus, you will have an impeccable smile in a very short time.

If you have decided to use veneers, we have selected some clinics for you where you can try this procedure:

Fatete dentare

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1. Dentistry Hub – – 8A Giaccomo Puccini Street, 3rd floor;

Price for a veneer: 1397 lei

2. Clinica Trident – – 1A Louis Pasteur Street;

Price for a ceramic veneer: 2200 lei

3. 3D Dental – – 7 Alba Iulia Square, bl. 16;

Price for an E-max/No-Prep/Zirconium veneer: 1300 lei

4. Elveto Dent – – 13 Callimachi Street;

Price for a ceramic veneer: 1250 lei

5. Rodenta Clinic – – 15 Pache Protopopescu Square;

Price for a ceramic veneer: 1000 – 1300 lei

Price for a No-Prep ceramic veneer: 1500 – 1700 lei

6. Art Dental New – – 54B Carol I Bd.;

Price for a ceramic veneer: 1250 lei

7. Dental Med – – Calea 13 Septembrie, nr. 102, bl. 48A;

Price for an E-max porcelain veneer: 1900 lei

8. Crystal Dental Clinic – – 10 Olteni Street;

Preț fațetă porțelan E-max: 1900 lei

9. Dent Estet – – the list of Dent Estet cabinets can be accessed here;

Price for an E-max veneer: 1900 lei

10. Prodent Clinic – – 60 Nordului Avenue;

Price for a veneer: 1250 lei

11. Denta Plus – – 35 Iancu de Hunedoara Bd., entrance A, 8th floor or 19 Râmnicu-Vâlcea Street, bl. 23, entrance 1, ap. 1;

Price for a ceramic veneer: 1600 lei

Obtain the smile that you have always wanted in the shortest time possible, with the help of veneers! A perfect smile will always catch everyone’s attention!

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