A mirror is an indispensable object of any house, apparently designed to reflect us, but it can also be used as a decorative element. Moreover, the mirror can have other roles, especially in the art of Feng Shui, which teaches us how we can attract positive energies to our home.

Regardless of the size and shape of the mirrors we purchase, they must be placed in a room where there is not enough natural light. The mirror should be positioned so that it reflects the sun’s rays through the room. One of the most suitable rooms for this is the living room, because it’s the place where you spend most of the day. Another place for a mirror is on the bathroom door or above the entrance door, because it protects the house against negative energies.

If we have convinced you that it is necessary to improve your house’s appearance or to start attracting positive energies, then we offer you some models of mirrors from which you can choose the one that suits you best:

  1. Venetian Mirror Cleopatra Schullerwww.lustredelux.com

    Cleopatra mirror

    Image source: www.lustredelux.com

    This mirror has wooden support, but the frame is made of silver, which is cut and manually carved. It can be used both vertically and horizontally. Its price is 5931 lei and its dimensions are 205x132 cm.

  2. Mirror Reflected Sunwww.primera-interiors.ro

    Reflected Sun mirror

    Image source: www.primera-interiors.ro

    The mirror from Primera Interiors is 100 cm in size, easy to be placed on the bathroom door or above the entrance door. It also fits wonderfully into the living room as a decorative element. Its price is 2200 lei.

  3. Mirror crystal – Merles et Raisins - www.myhousecult.ro

    Merles et Raisins mirror

    Image source: www.myhousecult.ro

    This mirror is inspired by the creations of Rene Lalique, the creator of Art Nouveau jewellery. It is made of colourless crystal Lalique and chrome finishes. Its dimensions are 54x90 cm and its price is 43700 lei.

  4. Cosmopolitan Mirrorwww.noashop.ro

    Cosmopolitan mirror

    Image source: www.noashop.ro

    The Cosmopolitan mirror is specially designed to fit into a modern space, its dimensions being 180x80 cm. It can be placed both vertically and horizontally, being used both as a decorative element and for its usefulness. The price of this mirror is 6070 lei.

  5. Art Nature mirror www.kare.ro

    Art Nature mirror

    Image source: www.kare.ro

    The Art Nature mirror has a size of 200x110 cm and is specially designed to bring some part of nature into your home. The frame is made of lacquered fir wood and the back panel is made of MDF. It can be purchased at the price of 4343 lei.

  6. Decorative mirrorwww.universul-luminii.ro

    Decorative mirror

    Image source: www.universul-luminii.ro 

    This mirror has the role of embellishing the room in which it is placed, due to its shape that induces a magical, fairy-tale state, bringing you back childhood memories. Its dimensions are 220x110 cm and its price is 6135 lei.

​​Therefore, keep in mind that the only place where no mirrors are should be placed is the bedroom because, according to Feng Shui theories, they clear out sleep and give us nervousness. If you want to have a home full of cheerfulness, we invite you to put into practice the little tricks that we’ve revealed to you and also to buy one of the mirrors presented above, which will add more elegance and good taste to your home!

Featured image source: www.manual17.biz
Listing image source: www.magazine.redcarpetbeauty.ch