Regardless of their number, we never have enough in our dressing! We're talking about bags, of course. So, whenever the opportunity arises, we gladly embrace the purchase of a bag. Today we offer you another reason!

On 1st of December, it is the perfect time to accessorize your outfit with a bag with traditional motifs. Carefully made by Romanian designers or local brands, the bags with inserts inspired by the popular port seem to be immortal, having a classic design and being easy to wear in a lot of outfits.

We offer you 7 models that you can add to the shopping cart:

1. Iutta Bag – – 679 lei;

Geanta Iutta

2. Dia Bag – – 375 lei;

Geanta Dia

3. Rena Bag – – 730 lei;

Geanta Rena

4. Bogdan Deliu Bag –­ bogdandeliu.roprice on request;

Geanta Bogdan Deliu

5. Lyria Backpack – – 849 lei;

Geanta Lyria

6. Climent Art Bag – – 320 lei;

Geanta Climent Art

7. Lemnia Bag – – 430 lei.

Geanta Lemnia

Which is your perfect bag in a proud outfit for the 1st of December?

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