December 1st is an important holiday for our country and for all Romanians. It is the Day of the Great Union, when Greater Romania was formed on December 1st, 1918, and it marks the union of Transylvania, Banat, Crisana and Maramures with Romania.

After the Revolution of 1989, December 1st was declared Romania's National Day. On the occasion of its commemoration, we offer you a list of items that have printed the three colors of the Romanian flag!

1. Leather Wheater Shoes Tricolor boots – 290 lei

bocanci tricolor Leather Weather Shoes

2. Tricolor T-shirt – – 82 lei

tricou tricolor

3. Be You Knitted protective mask, tricolor – 19.90 lei

masca tricolora

4. Tricolor leather bracelet, black color – – 33 lei

bratara din piele tricolor

5. Tricolor Hoodie – – 120 lei

hanorac tricolor

6. Set of 3 Romania Tricolor bows – 17 lei

set 3 funde tricolor

7. Tricolor T-shirt – – 52.90 lei

tricou tricolor1

8. Badge Romania Tricolor – 3.99 lei

insigna tricolor

We wish you a wonderful December 1st! Happy anniversary!

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