As children, when we listened to the fairy tales told by our grandparents, we all dreamed of going with our friends to a distant land and living in a castle. Today, we have the opportunity to fulfill our dream! You can spend the beginning of autumn in an unforgettable place! Opt for a unique experience in Romania and spend the night in a castle! You will be able to enjoy the most beautiful moments alone or with your loved ones in an excellent setting.

If you are wondering where you can find such a unique accommodation, we have prepared for you some castles in Romania that offer rooms you can book per night:

1. Stirbey Castle Sinaia – – 28 Carol I Boulevard, Sinaia;

 Castelul Stirbey Sinaia

Accommodation price: 320 lei/night/2 people/double matrimonial room

2. Haller Castle – – 466 Principală Street, Ogra;

Castel Haller

Accommodation price: from 280 lei/night/2 people/double room with double bed

3. Meschen Castle – – Moșna, Sibiu;

Castelul Meschen

Accommodation price: from 73 euro/night/2 people

4. Daniel Castle –  – 215 Main Street, Talișoara, Brăduț, Covasna;

Castel Daniel

Accommodation price: starting from 90 euro/night/2 people

5. Lupilor Castle – – Chimindia, Deva;

Castelul Lupilor

Accommodation price: on request

6. Mikes Castle – – Zăbala, Covasna;

Castelul Mikes

Accommodation price: 392 lei/night/2 adults

7. Sturdza Castle – – Miclauseni, Butea, Iași;

Castelul Sturdza

Accommodation price: 200 lei/night/matrimonial apartment

We want your experience in a castle to be unforgettable and we wish you a wonderful holiday!

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