Blackcurrant syrup has countless benefits for the human organism, due to the fact that it has a high content of vitamin C, retinol, vitamin E, B vitamins, citric acid, mineral salts and protein substances, calcium, iron, phosphorus.

So, we can say about this syrup that it is a natural medicine that helps to remineralize and vitaminize the body. It is also an excellent antiseptic, detoxifying and antianemia product.

If you want to be full of energy every day, we recommended you some local producers from which you can order blackcurrant syrup:

1. Săbăduș blackcurrant syrup with honey (500 ml) – – 48 lei

Sirop de coacăze negre cu miere

2. Cămara de la munte blackcurrant syrup without added sugar (300 ml) – – 15 lei


Sirop de coacăze negre fără zahăr adăugat


3. Fermier bun natural blackcurrant syrup (250 ml) – – 25 lei


 Sirop natural de coacăze


4. Steaua Divină blackcurrant syrup (250 ml) – – 19 lei


Sirop de coacăze negre Steaua Divină

5. Blackcurrant syrup with honey (300 ml) – – 28 lei


Sirop de coacăze negre cu miere de albine

6. Prisaca Transilvania blackcurrant syrup with honey (230 ml) – – 35.50 lei


Sirop de coacăze cu miere Prisaca Transilvania

7. Hypericum sugar free blackcurrant syrup (500 ml) – – 19.64 lei


Sirop de coacăz negru fără zahăr Hypericum

8. Pivnița bunicii blackcurrant syrup (500 ml) – – 20.90 lei

Sirop de cocăze negre Pivnița bunicii

Enjoy a healthy life by drinking blackcurrant syrup! We know it tastes great, but don't consume it in great quantities!

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