Do you spend more time at home during this period or you simply don’t have enough time to go to the market and cook? Apply to the local producers, who will deliver to you, as fast as possible, the vegetables you need to make delicious dishes and to strengthen your immunity.

You can order everything you need with just a few clicks! We have for you 7 local producers from which you can choose.

1. Veg Life –


Spinach – 8 lei/kg

2. Legume de țară –


Radishes – 4lei/bundle

3. Legumele de acasă –

Ceapa verde


Spring onion – 5 lei/bundle

4. Legume fericite –


Patience – 5.6 lei/bundle

5. Biodumbrava –

Salata verde


Green salad – 7 lei

6. Din grădin lu’ tanti Zoe –


Spring garlic – 2 lei/bundle

7. Grădina cu nutrienți –


Dill – 2 lei/bundle

8. Legumele proaspete ale mamei –



Parsley – 1 leu/bundle

Appeal to local producers who deliver vegetables directly to your home. Thus, you can save enough time and in addition, you will support local businesses, which need our help during this difficult period.

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