Eyelash and eyebrow lamination was in trend in 2020 and will continue to be popular this year due to the many benefits it has. This is a non-invasive treatment that nourishes the hair and lasts up to 8 weeks.The eyelash lamination process offers a natural look, replacing the classic eyelashes with thread, and has a lifting, bending, thickening and coloring effect on them.

Women try to create the effect of the laminated eyebrows with the help of makeup products, but this way a lot of time is wasted every day and the effect does not last for too long. If you want thicker eyebrows with a defined shape, we recommend the lamination process. Not only will you have a cool look, but they will be healthier thanks to the components used to perform the procedure.

We have created a list of salons in Bucharest where you can laminate your eyelashes and eyebrows.

Laminare sprancene
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laminare gene
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1. Recreation Studio Salon – www.recreationstudio.ro – Tudor Vianu Street No. 19
Eyelashes lamination price: 200 lei
Eyebrow lamination price: 150 lei
Eyelashes & eyebrow lamination pack: 300 lei 

2. Salon Kontur Beauty Labs Salon www.konturbeautylabs.ro – Decebal Boulevard No.16
Eyelashes lamination price: 170 lei
Eyebrows lamination price: 140 lei

3. Unna Studio Salon – www.unnastudio.ro – Ghiocei Street No.30
Eyelashes lamination price: 150 lei
Eyebrows lamination price: 100 lei
Eyelashes & eyebrow lamination pack: 220 lei 

4. Lash Lounge Salon – www.thelashlounge.ro – Matei Basarab Street No. 93
Eyelashes lamination price: 200 lei
Eyebrow lamination price: 150 lei

5. Magic Salon – www.saloanelemagic.ro – There are several locations in Bucharest
Eyelashes lamination price: 120 lei
Eyebrows lamination price: 160 lei

6. Tabya Eyelashes & Beauty Salon – www.tabya.ro – Catedrei Entrance, Bucuresti
Eyelashes lamination price: 250 lei
Eyebrows lamination price: 200 lei
Eyelashes & Eyebrows lamination pack: 400 lei
So, if you want your lashes and eyebrows to look perfect, use the lamination procedure!

Featured image source: www.beautycosmetic.ro
Listing image source: www.eyeadorethreading.com

Article images sources: the websites where the above-mentioned products are available