No matter how much you move around the house, nothing compares to an hour of fitness or aerobics in the gym. But what can we do during this period when we are more trapped in the house because of the pandemic? Personal trainers and the instructors who hold group sessions have come up with a perfect idea for those who spend a lot of time at home – online workouts!

So, if you miss training exactly like in the gym, with the help of an instructor, now is the time to buy your favorite online subscription.

Anstrenamente online

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1. Online personal trainer –

Subscription price: 200 lei/month;
The subscription includes: 4-6 workouts per week, nutrition plan, supplements, daily consulting on WhatsApp;

2. Personal training with Alexandru Florescu –

Subscription price: 55 euro/month;
The subscription includes: 1 motivational video speech, 12 video trainings, 2 personalized nutrition plans, constant monitoring of results, program adjustment recommendations;

3. Crossfit –

Subscription price: 100 lei/month;
The subscription includes: access to online training on the platform;

4. World Class Online trainings –

Subscription price: 6.99 euro/month;
The subscription includes: access to videos with recorded workouts and access to Live classes;

5. Group training sessions, online Next Door Fitness –

Subscription price: 80 lei/8 sessions;
The subscription includes: Live group workouts, through the Zoom application, from Monday to Saturday;

6. Gym Sport Online Training –

The subscription includes: 3 months (90 days) non-stop access to all the trainings from the FIT IN ’15 program + classes, PDF access with training plans, access to the weekly challenges;

7. Yump –

Subscription price: 294 lei/6 months;
The subscription includes: new Live workouts weekly, over 10 classes with over 700 workouts, over 80 video recipes, nutrition plan adapted to your style, alerts when you have Live workout, alerts when you take long breaks;

Choose to do sports at home! 30 minutes of exercise a day, together with a balanced diet are ideal to improve your lifestyle and appearance!

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