Snail extract, a popular ingredient for skin care, has been used over time to calm skin inflammation and treat scars. It contains a mix of glycolic acid, protein, hyaluronic acid, peptides and other beneficial elements, deeply hydrating the dry skin.

If you haven't tried a cream with snail extract before, you must give it a chance because you will be deeply impressed! To help you, we have created a list of the best creams with snail extract.

1. Mizon Renewing snail extract cream – – 112 lei

Crema regeneratoare cu extract de melc Mizon

2. COSRX Anti-aging snail extract cream  – – 132.30 lei

Crema anti-aging cu extract de melc COSRX

3. Yvyss Plant Snail extract cream – 99 lei

Crema cu extract de melc Ivyss Plant

4. Benton Hydrating snail extract cream – 109 lei

crema hidratanta cu extract de melc Benton

5. Secret Key Snail extract cream – 71 lei

Crema cu extract de melc Secret Key

6. Coxir Anti-aging snail extract cream – – 136 lei

Crema cu extract de melc Coxir

If you want your skin to radiate, try one of the creams with snail extract proposed by us! You will notice improvements from the first use!

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