Is there anyone who doesn’t want to have a silky skin that smells incredibly well throughout the entire day? I believe you already know the answer and, if you don’t know how to obtain it, I will offer you a tip for which you’ll thank me very soon, right after the first use – I am talking about the body scrub from Sabon! It is the beauty star of my summer, so I thought to present it to you.

Exfoliant Sabon

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At a first glance, you would think it is a normal scrub that does whatever the rest do, right? Well, I am sorry to tell you, but you couldn’t be more wrong! I am sure you have had many scrubs that turned out to be not as efficient as you hoped, whose application was not pleasant or that left your skin smooth, but dry. It happened to me several times with the products that I found in the stores, so I started choosing the coffee grounds. 😊 Until one evening, when I entered a Sabon store and someone from their staff asked me if I knew their products (I heard about them, but never used them and I believe she saw me a little disoriented) and if I have ever tried one of their scrubs, that are based on scented oils and sugar. I answered “no” with a bit of shame in my voice, when she offered to exfoliate my hand. I cannot express how I felt my hands after that and how well they smelled! I thanked her for this treatment, and I went home, thinking about the used product: patchouli, lavender and vanilla scrub, which is their signature-aroma.

The next day, when I woke up, my hands had the same amazing smell and I could feel them smooth and moisturized. It was very clear that I needed to go back and buy one of their body scrubs, because I wanted my whole body to have such a moment of delight, not only my hands. I don’t know how it happened, but that they, they had the Royal Passport Day, in which they offer 40% off for all purchases, if you have their fidelity card, whose name is, as you have guessed, Royal Passport – because it is truly a passport for a world of delight, which is suitable for reigns. This card costs 20 lei, can be bought from any Sabon store or from their website and it comes with a bunch of benefits.

Scrub Sabon

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Going back to the scrub, I have chosen the biggest one, of 600 g, with mango and kiwi aroma. It smells UN-BE-LIE-VA-BLE! <3 The available flavors are: Green Rose (60 g, 320 g, 600 g), Jasmine (60 g, 320 g, 600 g), Lavender and apples (320 g, 600 g), Mango and kiwi (600 g), Vanilla and coconut (600 g), Citrus Blossom (600 g). Also, they have a scrub suitable for men – Gentleman (600 g), but also one with salts from the Dead Sea – Dead Sea (600 g). The price for the one that has 60 g is 28 lei, for the one of 300 g, 82 lei, and for the 600 g one is 104 lei.

So, if you want your skin to be smoother and more moisturized than ever, choose the body scrub from Sabon!

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