The care for a healthy skin is always on our priorities` list, regardless of the skin type or age we have. Each of us tries to find the best products to help us maintain the elasticity and brightness of the skin and, of course, fight against the small imperfections.

But the first step in skin care is a good cleaning. The cleansing wipes doesn’t remove all the impurities, while the moisture lotions can unnecessarily make your skin oilier, especially if you have an oily skin, as it is my case. So, the micellar cleansing water is perfect for me. Of course, this must be chosen with great care, depending on the needs of your skin. For me, the best choice is Fun'Ethic's micellar cleansing water, which is especially created for young people between 20 and 30 years of age.


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It is an organic product, 98.9% of the total ingredients being of natural origin. The main active care ingredients that act in the process of removing the makeup, moisturizing and toning the skin are:

  • The apricot extract, which is perfect for regeneration, fortification and toning, thanks to its impressive vitamin complex;

  • The organic orange flower extract, which helps to regenerate and calm the skin;

  • The glycerin, known for its miraculous hydration effect;

  • The malt extract with an antioxidant and anti-lipoperoxidase effect that fights against the tired look of the skin;

  • The organic extract of aloe vera, which has a moisturizing role and gives brightness to the skin.

Although it is suitable for any type of skin, I have been pleased to see its sebum control effect even from the beginning. Using it in the morning, the micellar cleansing water refreshes my skin, preparing it for the usual makeup session. During the evening, it is a good choice for better removing impurities, whether we're talking about makeup or the dust from over the day. It cleanses the face, the neck and the shoulders very well. In addition, it leaves your skin very soft! With so many benefits, it`s hard not be on my favorite beauty products list. :)

And another important aspect: Fun'Ethic's French brand products do not contain paraffin, mineral oils or other petroleum derivatives (petrolatum, microcrystalline wax, etc.).

If you also want this BIO micellar cleansing water, you can order it online from, for 36.99 lei or from, for 43.60 lei. Take care of your skin with the right beauty products, chosen according to its needs, and when the decision is difficult, the specialist`s advice is always welcome.

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