Do you love summer, but at the same time your body needs a refresh? Choose a shower gel with citrus or one with a mint or cucumber extract! You will see how these scents will envelop your body and prepare it for a new shopping session or for a few hours of sunbathing.

We have prepared a list with 7 shower gels that will help you feel fresh on a hot day:

1. Lavera shower gel with lemon and vervain – – 25.99 lei


2. neobio shower gel with oranges and lemons (250 ml) – – 16.90 lei


3. Yamuna shower gel with mint (250 ml) – – 20 lei


4. Nala shower gel with grapefruit (200 ml) – – 19.90 lei


5. Greenland shower gel with yoghurt and cucumber – – 37.28 lei


6. The Body Shop shower gel with clementines (750 ml) – – 96 lei

The body shop

7. Farmona shower gel with melon and red melon – – 18.99 lei


Tell us which is your favorite flavor for the shower gel you will use this summer!

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