The sudden weight loss or gain always bring major changes to the body and the most affected is the skin. When the skin’s collagen level is decreasing, its elasticity also decreases significantly, causing the well-known stretch marks.

So, if you know you have such problems, we come to your aid with some anti-stretch mark creams that will help prevent and soften these skin fine lines:

1. HelioPlant anti-stretch mark cream (125 ml) – – 16.15 lei

Crema antivergeturi HelioPlant

2. Vivanatura anti-stretch mark cream (250 ml) – – 54.26 lei

Crema antivergeturi Vivanatura

3. Alevia anti-stretch mark cream (150 ml) – – 31.42 lei

Crema antivergeturi Alevia

4. Ivatherm anti-stretch mark cream (200 ml) – – 73.78 lei

Crema antivergeturi Ivatherm

5. Gerovital anti-stretch mark cream – – 21.24 lei

Crema antivergeturi Gerovital

6. Elancyl anti-stretch mark cream (150 ml) – – 69.40 lei

Crema antivergeturi Elancyl

7. Elmiplant anti-stretch mark cream (150 ml) – – 18.83 lei

Crema antivergeturi Elmiplant

Do not forget! To get rid of the stretch marks or to prevent them from appearing, it is not enough to use only these creams, but you must also follow a healthy lifestyle.

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