Being refreshing and having such pleasant scents, melon-flavored body care products are perfect for the hot summer days. Whether you are talking about the water or the yellow melons, their properties are amazing. Skin hydration and regeneration is one of the most known effects they have on the human body.

So, if you want to bring with you the scent of summer on a moisturized skin, we have prepared 9 melon-flavored body care products that you can use at home:

1. Farmona shower gel with watermelon and melon flavor – – 19.5 lei


2. Faith in Nature shampoo with watermelon flavor – – 39.5 lei


3. Bielenda body scrub with watermelon flavor – – 21.99 lei


4. Naturalium body lotion with melon flavor – – 27.99 lei


5. Kozmetika Afrodita face mask with melon flavor – – 169 lei


6. Treets body butter with watermelon flavor – – 45 lei


7. Elfa Pharm soap with watermelon flavor and shea butter – – 4 lei


8. Aroma hand cream with melon flavor – – 7.5 lei


9. Sephora lip balm with watermelon flavor – – 24 lei


And for a quick effect on the skin, during this period, we suggest you to eat watermelon or melon whenever you have the opportunity at each snack, because it is rich in vitamins and ideal for a healthy diet.

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