The fruity fragrances are among the most beloved, but the smell of strawberries does not compare to anything else. You can have with you the fresh smell of strawberries all day by using body care products that emanate this fruity scent!

Here are some products with strawberry fragrance you can order from the comfort of your home:

1. The Body Shop shampoo with strawberry extract (400 ml) – – 54 lei

Sampon The Body Shop


2. Mossa hair conditioner with strawberry extract (200ml) – – 54 lei

Balsam de par cu capsune Mossa


3. Chupa Chups shower gel with strawberry extract (300 ml) – – 11.04 lei

Gel de dus cu capsune Chupa Chups

4. Savon de Marseille soap with strawberry and berry extract (100 g) – – 15 lei

 Săpun cu aromă de căpșune și fragi Savon de Marseille


5. Greenland scrub with strawberry and salt extract (400 g) – – 64 lei

Sare exfoliantă cu căpșune și anason Greenland

6. Organic Shop body mousse with strawberry extract(250 ml) – – 15 lei

Mousse de corp cu aromă de căpșune Organic Shop

7. Tulipan Negro deo spray with strawberry extract (200 ml) – – 10.70 lei

Deodorant spray cu aromă de căpșune Tulipan Negro

8. Beauty Made Easy lip balm with strawberry extract (7 g) – – 16 lei

 Balsam de buze cu aromă de căpșune

9. Avon body spray with white chocolate and strawberry extract (100 ml) – – 19 lei

Spray de corp cu aromă de căpșune și ciocolată albă

We are sure that the strawberry fragrance offered by these products will envelop you all day long! Which one do you choose?

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