Do you want to have a perfect bronze every time, regardless of the season? We know that in order to do this it takes countless sessions at the tanning salon, but with the specially created cosmetics for a hydrated and tanned skin, your look will be fresh, just like in the middle of summer. So, we've prepared 6 self-tanning sprays that you can order in just a few clicks:

1. Bioderma Photoderm self-tanning spray – – 42 lei

Bioderma Photoderm

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2. Garnier self-tanning spray –  – 25.99 lei


3. Lirene self-tanning spray – – 42.07 lei


4. Uriage self-tanning spray – – 81 lei


5. Collistar self-tanning spray – – 153 lei


6. Sephora self-tanning spray – – 70 lei


Let your tan complement your look! Only you know the secret of this unforgettable appearance!

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