The warm season is here: temperatures rise every day and we start to wear lighter and fewer clothes. It is necessary to take our wonderful sandals out of our wardrobe during this period, but what do we do about those cracked heels?

Many of us use the services of beauty salons, but if you do not have enough time to go there, we have prepared for you some products that you can buy online and use at home. You will immediately see how your feet will be softer!

1. Philips electric foot file – – 199.99 lei

 Pilă electrică pentru picioare și călcâie Philips

Product details: Simply and effectively removes dead skin from the heels and sole.

2. Sephora Refreshing & relaxing foot masks – – 20 lei

Mască revitalizantă și relaxantă pentru picioare Sephora

Product details: Revitalizes and relaxes the feet, while relieving the feeling of heavy legs.

3. Parasoftin exfoliating socks – – 21 lei

Șosete exfoliante Parasoftin

Product details: Removes rough skin and corns, moisturizes and softens the skin of the feet and also removes calluses.

4. Cosmetic Plant heels cream – – 12.70 lei

Cremă pentru călcâie Cosmetic Plant

Product details: Protects, nourishes and moisturizes the dry skin of the heels.

5. Sephora heel tool – – 61 lei

Ustensilă călcâi Sephora

Product details: Easily removes corns and heel calluses. It should be used on wet feet.

6. Melkior pedicure file – – 79.90 lei

Pilă pedichiură Melkior

Product details: Removes dead skin and calluses from the heels and feet.

7. Savonia volcanic pumice stone – – 27 lei

Piatră ponce vulcanică Savonia

Product details: Due to its abrasive properties, the volcanic pumice stone is used to remove stains and damaged and dry skin.

Take care of your feet and always enjoy silky heels and hydrated feet, regardless of the season!

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